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Hello everyone! We are so dang excited to share with you a project that has been in the works for many months and is FINALLY here! 

Stamp Happy Academy is a partnership with Stampin Besties, Kelly Acheson, Barb Mullikin and Dena Rekow! We are so excited to invite you to join this amazing collaboration that we have put together!   Stamp Happy Academy is a subscription website that will house an amazing assortment of classes, fun events and unparalleled inspiration from 3 of the most awesome Stampin Up Demonstrators around! While we may be biased, we promise you will love being a part of this positive community of stampers who are just like you: they LOVE to stamp, want a fun, uplifting place to hang out and learn how to create fabulous new projects, techniques and have THE BEST TIME doing so!

Here is what is included in Stamp Happy Academy BASIC Membership (scroll down to see what is included in the Premium Membership):

4 Online Classes per month with video tutorials for EVERY project (a minimum of $80 value EACH month!)

Special Events throughout the year (Example-New Catalog Kickoff Events-regularly $15)

A HAPPY place to interact with friends who share your passion for Stamping Fun opportunities to share your creations with others!

You can get all this for only $19.95 per month

Click the option that is right for you from the drop down menu:


Want even more STAMP HAPPY ACADEMY??

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You can also enjoy Stamp Happy LIVE (formerly Facebook Class with The Creativity Cave) with a Premium Membership. 

Stamp Happy Live is an ADDITIONAL Class Option that offers 3 LIVE stamping Sessions (via YouTube LIVE) throughout each month. 

These classes will include an emphasis on making your stamping sessions easier, quicker and more successful.  Each LIVE session will include 3 Layout Templates with projects featuring those layouts, how to use color in card making, and how to use DSP (printed paper) in your cardmaking.  Other topics will also be shared: various stamping techniques, organization tips, basic stamping knowledge and of course lots of tips and tricks along the way. 

This class is designed to help every level of stamper get more from their precious stamping time and encourage the use of the supplies you already have.  You do not need anything specific to enjoy these classes.  Additionally, you can stamp right along with us, creating your layout templates with us to keep on hand for reference library of card layouts to refer to when you sit down to craft.

Cost for these 3 LIVE sessions per month is $20, but if you add it to your Stamp Happy Academy Basic Membership, you'll only pay $15 per month. Are you ready to join the fun? 

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Cost is $20 per month or just $15 when you add it to your Stamp Happy Academy Subscription.

Have Questions? We have answers:

Q: What is the best deal for joining?

A: The best deal is to join Stamp Happy Premium. It includes 4 online classes per month PLUS 3 LIVE sessions each month to keep you inspired, entertained and HAPPY!

Q: I am a LIVE ONLY member, does that include Stamp Happy Basic?

A: No--if you would like the benefits of SHA Basic, you'll need to add that to your registration, If you are not sure, please ask us and we will ensure you are registered for the correct membership.

Q: Which membership will grant me access to the New Catalog Kickoffs at no additional charge?

A: All memberships qualify for our Catalog Kickoff Events.

Q: I am a demonstrator--can I join Stamp Happy Academy?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Everyone is welcome WORLD WIDE! It is a great resource for you to improve your stamping skills no matter where you are in your business (or for discount shoppers)


Q: I am on your team--is there a discount for your team members?

A: YES! Stamp Happy Academy Basic is FREE for members of Barb, Kelly and Dena's Teams in levels 1-3!! That is an amazing benefit of being a part of our fabulous team's for sure! Contact your team leader for access and details!

Q: I signed up, now what?

A: You will receive an email confirmation of your registration within 48 hours prompting you to create an account and to gain access to the group.

Q: I registered for the Stamp Happy Academy Basic membership, but want to upgrade to the Premium Version. How do I do that?

A: You will need to cancel your Basic Subscription and then subscribe to the version that you'd like after to ensure you are not double charged.

Q: I only want the Stamp Happy LIVE classes, can I register for just those? 

A: Yes you can, Stamp Happy LIVE is $20 per month, but only $15 when you are also a Basic member of Stamp Happy Academy!

Q: What if Stamp Happy Academy is not for me?

A: We would hate to see you go! You can cancel your subscription anytime, however, we are unable to offer refunds once you have created an account as you then have access to the website and all the classes. Once you cancel, you will lose access to all the amazing content. To cancel your subscription, log into your Paypal account, click "pay and get paid" and then click subscriptions.  You can cancel your subscription from there.

Q: If I cancel will I have access to the site anymore?

A: No, once you are no longer a subscriber, you will lose access to all the amazing content.

Q: I am a part of the LIVE Only subscription, does that include the benefits of the BASIC membership as well?

A: No, you'll need to subscribe to the BASIC membership to enjoy those benefits.

Ready to join?
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There are 3 versions of Stamp Happy Academy:

  1. Stamp Happy Academy Basic: includes 4 online classes plus fun surprises along the way $19.95 per month
  2. Stamp Happy Academy LIVE ONLY: Includes 3 Live classes per month (formerly Facebook Classes with The Creativity Cave) $20 per month
  3. Stamp Happy Academy Premium: Includes both the Stamp Happy Academy Basic AND the LIVE classes at a discount! $34.95 per month (Save $5)


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Barb Mullikin published an article
Hello Stamping Friends ~
Well the thermometer may not agree, but it is September and fall is coming!!  I love back to school time, new routines, activities and *hopefully* cooler weather! The best part of fall is that it is a great time to get…
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cheryl smallsreed posted a status
I'm completely confused. SHA used to do 3 cards per person each month. No it's to go classes????? are the 3 cards not available any longer?????
Aug 31
  • Dena Rekow Cheryl, I just checked your account and it looks like you have a Basic membership, which does not include the LIVEs you are asking about.
    Sep 2
  • Dena Rekow Cheryl, the LIVE tab continues to have the 3 LIVES that we've always done. However, they are not just layouts--we are adding techniques, color combinations, fun folds as well. They can all be found under the Stamp Happy LIVE tab. The Class PDFs for…
    Sep 2
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where is the link to the lives?
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